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 Security Features

What is the security feature?

The protection of your financial information and the security of your online transactions are very important to Allegiance Credit Union. This security feature called PassMark will help protect you from fraudulent online activities like phishing, ID theft, and spoofed web sites. Everyone enrolled in Allegiance Online is required to enroll in PassMark. Follow the instructions on each screen to complete this one-time enrollment.

Where is the password box?

The password box will appear on the next screen unless you are using an unregistered device. An unregistered device will prompt you to answer one of your challenge questions. When you successfully answer the challenge question, the password box will appear on the following screen.

Has my password changed?

No. The answers you provide to the "challenge questions" are separate from your regular Allegiance Online login password.



A User ID and Password is required to log into our services.  Services are provided through a secure connection.  If you have difficulty logging in, please contact us by phone at 405-789-7900 or 1-800-505-3328, or by email at callcenter@acuok.org.  Please DO NOT send personally identifying information (i.e. Account Number, Social Security Number, etc.) in your email.

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